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Reach the 15+ million

in Kentucky, Western Tennessee and Western Ohio


The 5 D’s

As a district, our goal is to reach the 15+ million people God has placed within our geographical areas of influence and beyond. The way we hope to do this is through our vision we call, The 5 D’s.

The desperate need to depend upon the Spirit’s work in our lives. Without this, we can’t do anything else.

Everyday rhythms of our ministries & lives need to have disciples who make disciples who make disciples.

Train up and appreciate godly servant-leaders who step into areas of ministry that fit their gifting & calling.

The army of the Lord deploying the grace and love of Jesus to the 15+ million people.

The Bible has almost no thought of the solidarity, solo world changer, even Jesus had his 12. Kingdom Advancement is meant to be a team activity.


Looking for an Alliance Church in the OVD?


We’re part of something bigger!

The Ohio Valley District is part of The Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination, also known as The Alliance or C&MA. The OVD is also within the Central Region of The Alliance.


Upcoming Events

February 14-16, 2025

OVD Ministry Couples Retreat 2025

June 20, 2024

OVD Summer Family Picnic 2024

September 16-18, 2024

Ohio Valley District Conference 2024


Serve with The Alliance


Do you feel called to serve in your community, church, or the United States in general?


Do you feel called to serve in other cultures outside the US and overseas?

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News You Can Use

Want to stay up to date on upcoming events & opportunities? Check out the OVD News You Can Use, or NYCU for short. We send this out every month (which alternates with the OVD Newsletter) to provide a yearly calendar, event registrations, and other resources that you might need. Subscribe today!