By Ron Ballard


We have faced much distraction throughout 2020 up to the present due to the killing of

George Floyd, Covid-19, social injustice, The Woke Movement created by BLM (Black Lives Matter) Movement and the closing of most African American churches for over a year. As a result, we’ve spent much time dealing with these areas from a Biblical perspective, communicating the following:


Through much teaching and preaching by refocusing on the following:

  • The person of God
  • The presence of God
  • The protection of God
  • The provision of God
  • The voice of God (The Word)
  • The believer’s divine assignment to make disciples and disciple makers for Christ.

We are now seeing some churches starting to refocus.


Presently the cry against social injustice, oppression and the influence of the Woke Movement is of great concern to the African American community.

Social injustice has challenged pastors to preach and teach from the word of God on Biblical justice because most have only echoed the message of BLM from the pulpit. I’ve pointed out that the believer needs to hear from God and respond according to His word. Concerning the Woke Movement, I’ve pointed out that it is a movement originated by BLM and is very deceptive. It carries the Banner of Social Injustice and Racism and I am in agreement with the banner, but there is so much deception that people do not see because they are only focusing on the Banner.

When I was a child, I loved chocolate icing on a cake more than the ingredients that were in the cake. Most African Americans love the icing on the cake of BLM, but fail to see the deceptive ingredient of Marxism, socialism, sexual sin etc. Most Churches are silent! We have allowed the world to silence us!


In the book of Amos chapter 5, we see so much corruption in the land and God says, “seek me and live.” God is saying to Israel you must repent and live.

What are some of the things they must repent of?

  • Injustice (v.7)
  • Oppression of the poor (v.v. 11-12)
  • Keeping silent in an evil time (V. 13)

In Amos Chapter 5:13, the prudent kept silent in an evil time, much like the church who refuses to preach and teach Biblical Justice. In the Bible, God has commanded us

to preach and teach the whole counsel of His word. According to verse 14, we are to “seek good and not evil, that you may live; so the Lord of Hosts will be with you.” We are also told in verse 15, to “hate evil, and love good, and establish justice in the gate, it may be that the Lord, the God of Hosts will be gracious to the remnant of Joseph.”

The church must preach against injustice, oppression, racism, abortion, sexual sins, and anything else that is contrary to the truth of the Word of God since the Lord God of heaven Himself is against it. Our voice should be much louder than the world. Be obedient to God by loving people and hating sin.


In the midst of Covid-19, and the closing of churches, we continued by VIA Zoom training pastors and Christian leaders in how to make disciple makers.

We are pleased to report that over 70 believers were discipled at this time in various churches in the African American communities.


A Two-day discipleship Training was hosted by the CMA church of Greenville, Ohio.

After conducting a discipleship workshop at the Ohio Valley district conference, pastor Tim Politz of the CMA church of Greenville, invited Pastor Delayno Robinson and I to come to his church on July 9-10, 2021, and conduct a workshop on how to make disciple makers, using our manual “Discipleship through the Local Church 101”.

There were pastors and their staff from other churches such as the Missionary Church,

United Methodist, and others.  There were 20 people in Attendance.

The CMA Church and attendees were so gracious and receptive to us. We thank the women who cooked and provided the food for our breaks and meal. It was so good!!!

The CMA church have already planned to begin training. 

Remarks from those who went through the training in Greenville, OH

This discipleship training was the best I’ve experienced in regards to the intentional follow up of new converts in order to make sure they received what they need as new believers. I was very encouraged by every presentation and left motivated to put into practice what I learned.”

– Jeff Harper, United Methodist Church in Greenville, OH

Very informative… The biggest thing I got out of it is the importance of follow up and plugging into a new conversion.  The importance of global conversion and growth is through discipleship!”  

– Gary Knick, Elder CMA Church Greenville, OH

“I’ve always wanted to be what God has called us all to be; not just a disciple, but also a disciple maker. What’s hindered me was feeling ill equipped to do that. Since taking the Disciple Maker’s workshop, I feel I’ve crossed that self-imposed barrier from not knowing how to being fully equipped. The disciple making step by step approach complete with a workbook has given me the confidence to pray boldly for someone to disciple. At 67 years old, I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.”  

– Terri Kress, CMA church, disciple of Jesus